Unfortunately we live in times when it is highly possible to be faced with an opponent who is ready to attack us with their bare hands or with the use of a knife, gun, club or other weapons. For this reason the martial art Street Survival Training (S.S.T.) was created.

Street Survival Training (S.S.T) is the only multifunctional martial art in the world. This means that it is a complete martial art that takes years to learn but also a self defense system that is simple to learn. Simple movements, simple techniques adapted to every age for both men and women and all types of body structures. A self defense system that can be taught quickly and is easy to learn and understand.

Street Survival Training (S.S.T.) is constantly evolving with modern methods of self defense and protection. The self-defense techniques are simple and can be applied by men and women even if they have never practiced any other martial art.

Street Survival Training (S.S.T.) is known for the absolute discipline of its students and their ability to protect themselves and others under all circumstances.

Street Survival Training (S.S.T.) provides the ideal self defense - self protection training for civilians, Security, Police, and Military Personnel.